You need to register with Muziko to backup your Songs, Playlist, Favorites, Library.
You can sync music between all your devices by login with the same id on Muziko.
Contact number is required to verify your account. Your friends can send you songs, audio clips with the help of number and vise versa.
Verifying contact also help to stop spamming.
You will see (My Contacts) in drawer as soon as you login to your account.

In My Contacts, you will see a list of friends who has registered Muziko.

You can Block a friend, you can add new contact in My Contacts.
No, its on you weather you want to use register or not.
However, you will miss many function in Muziko that require registration, such as, Making Library, sync playlist(s) and favorites, sending songs to friends etc.

Registration is easy and unlock many useful features.
No. Email and contact info uses for verification and communication purpose only. We store no data on server or share any of your data to any third party app.
Muziko has many features but all relates to music only. Permissions are required to function properly.
  1. Write permission is required to edit tags and songs on SdCard.
  2. Contacts access required to allow you to send songs to your Muziko friends.
  3. Text Message access is required to verify your account. (Auto fill code when received).
  4. Record Audio/Microphone Access is required for Song Identify feature.
  5. Network access is required for login account and Send/Receive songs.
  • Tap Bottom Right Boom Menu Button
  • Here you can access all of the options.
Activity is to track your activity in Muziko.
It will show you Newly Added songs, Recently played songs, Most played songs(Show number of time a song has been played).

Activity updated in realtime so that you miss no activity.
Muziko search on two levels:
  • Quick Search
  • Advance Search
Quick Search:
Quick search allow you to search on the page you are on, like, if you are in Tracks and you search for song, it will instantly filter the songs with given term under Tracks and same for Album, Artist and Genre and other areas like Playlist, Favorites, Library.

Advance Search:
Advance search is to search Tracks, Album, Artist and Genre at once and show result on single page. Tap on Search icon for advance search.
Muziko display ads to generate revenue. Muziko offer all premium features for free. You can support us by buying Ads remove for as low as ($5) and ads will be removed for lifetime (almost :P).
  • Tap on three dots at top right corner.
  • Tap Scan Media.
  • All your songs will be update.
  • Select your song that you want to blacklist. (Select with dropdown, or multiselect).
  • Tap on ( Move to Ignore List ).
  • To manage your ( Ignore List ), Open Drawer and goto ( Ignore ).
Muziko support three cloud services (Google Drive, Box, DropBox). You can add as many accounts as you want to by these three cloud services. There is no limit.
Select your song you want to upload and Tap on DropDown menu and Tap on Upload, Choose your drive and start uploading your track(s).
Open Playlists
Tap on Drop Down Menu
Tap on Sync