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Deleting a song that you don’t want in your library can’t be a good option sometimes.

Many time it happens that you add whole library to play and some unwanted songs (that you may listen but not always) also get added to the list and you have to remove them everytime.

It can be such a pain specially at some party or when your friends play songs from your phone.

So, what will you do to keep that songs out of the reach of everyone? Use Muziko Ignore List, to avoid such situation.

The songs that you want in device but want to Hide/Ignore from Tracks, simply move them to Ignore List and they will not be a part of main music library anymore. Although, you can still Play, Add to Queue that songs anytime from Ignore List screen.

You can add songs to Ignore List in multiple ways.

  1. Add song one by one using drop down menu.
  2. Select multiple songs and Move To Ignore List.
  3. Add to ignore list from Now Playing.
  4. You can add whole (Album, Artist) to ignore list.

To restore songs, simply go to Ignore List screen and there you can restore single or multiple songs.

You can Play and treat songs in Ignore List as normal songs from Ignore list screen.

You can restore songs from Ignore list anytime or can delete song permanently from device.

Note: Songs in Ignore List will only be ignore in Muziko App, other music players will still show them as normal.


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