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Set Ringtone

Set Ringtone is one of the Unique feature of Muziko. We introduce this feature to let you make ringtones easily with one Tap.

To turn any song as your ringtone, you just have to select song and setting start point (and end point if you want to because ringtone can be only 30 sec clip), save and go.

No more need to cut with mp3 cutter, no more need to download ringtones from internet, no more need to ask for ringtone from friends.

Steps To Set Ringtone

1. Open Muziko Music Player

2. Select The Song and Tap on Drop Down Menu on The Right Side of the Song (down arrow)

4. Tap on Set Ringtone from Popup Menu

5. Now Set The Desired Positions.

6. Now Tap On Set and give a name to your ringtone and save it.

Play Store Link: Download Muziko Music Player


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