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Muziko Mp3 cutter is a great tool to manage and clean your music collection. How many times it happens that you download and there you get long starting and long ending of song which make it very annoying sometimes when you keep such songs in your playlist as you have to skip the starting sometimes. Here comes the Muziko Mp3 cutter to save you from such hassle.

With Muziko mp3 cutter, you can cut out the part of the song that you want and all unwanted part will be deleted.

To cut an mp3:

  1. Select the mp3 you want to cut from Tracks, Album, Artist or directly from Mp3 cutter screen.
  2. Once its loaded in mp3 cutter, set the start and end position using the buttons.
  3. To fine tune the selection, you can use (plus[+] and minus[-]) sign.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the selection, Tap on Check sign and give a name to your song and save it.
  5. Now you have the cut out part of the song and if you are satisfied with it, you can delete the original song.

Mp3 cutter is very useful when you download mp3 songs from youtube. You can easily take out the promo sounds and clip audio.

You also can use Muziko Mp3 cutter to create ringtones by cutting the best part of your favorite song.

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