Muziko Cloud Player

Stream, Upload, Download your music from your cloud drives with Muziko

Create Cloud Playlist

Create, Clone, Merge, Sync, Manage Cloud Playlists

Upload Songs To Drive

Upload Your Collection On Cloud Drive

Stream Music

Stream Your Music Directly From Cloud Drive

Add Multiple Cloud Accounts

Add Multiple Cloud Accounts (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box). No Limit.

Save Cloud Songs On Device

Save Songs On Device To Play Offline Anytime.

Auto Scan Cloud Drive For Songs

Muziko Scan Cloud Drives To Check For Any New Song You Add.

What Muziko Offer In Muziko Cloud Player

Muziko Support Popular Cloud Drives

Muziko support most popular cloud drives (Google Drive, Box, Dropbox). You can stream music from cloud, create playlist, download for offline play, upload songs. You can add as many accounts you want to.

Stream, Download, Upload

Muziko let you stream directly from cloud drive. You can also download and upload songs directly from Muziko. All your cloud music collection will be treated same as your local music. You can search for cloud tracks, create playlist. All your cloud songs can be find in Tracks.

Auto Scan Cloud Songs

Muziko scan all added cloud drives to keep your songs sync. You don’t have to scan manually all the the time, Muziko observer is powerful enough to scan and keep your collection updated on your device from cloud.

More With Muziko Cloud Player

Muziko offer to make shortcuts for fav folders in Cloud Drives. You can blacklist songs, hide cloud folders, exclude cloud folders, delete cloud songs, rename drive name, add unlimited/multiple cloud accounts, online/offline play, upload/download songs, filter to show songs from individual drive as well as individual cloud account.