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Playlist is the best way to organise your music for occasions, mood, work and party and to make best playlist you need power to manage it.

If you are a power user of playlists, you will notice how simple Muziko will make your task to manage your playlists.

With Muziko, you get more than just creating and deleting a playlist.

Features that Muziko offer:

  1. Create playlist and add songs from anywhere (One by One from Tracks, by selecting multiple songs or full Album, Artist can be added using drop down option.)
  2. Clone any of your playlist using drop down menu of playlist. This is very useful when you want to alter a playlist as you don’t have to add same songs again. Just clone it and start adding/deleting songs right away.
  3. Merge playlists. This is one of the best and unique feature of Muziko. Create multiple playlists and merge them into into one easily. This feature saves your time as you don’t have to create a new playlist and add all songs over again. You can select from existing playlists and merge them into one. You can set the order of playlist in which songs will be merge and you can set (delete existing playlists) to delete playlists that you merged from.
  4. Reorder Paylists: You can set the order of your playlists by Name, Number of Songs, Total Duration and Custom Order.
  5. Sharing Playlist: Share your playlist with anyone via Mail, Whatsapp or any supported third party application.
  6. You can add multiple playlists to queue.

Whats More?

  • Sync your playlists across all your connected devices. With Muziko, create a playlist on one device and it will be available on all devices that you login with the same email id. It will sync your playlist and songs and you will not to be worry about your collection even if you lose your device. Your playlsits and songs are safe with Muziko.


Muziko gives you the ultimate features to manage your music collection.

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