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Play x Times

By the name of this feature (Play x Times), you will get the idea that what it is for. With the help of this feature, you can add a song to queue to play for x times. Muziko will count that how many times the song is being played and will remove it from queue automatically when it reaches to the number specified to play it.

A few ways you can use this feature are:

  1. Suppose that you have a playing queue on repeat, but you want to listen to a song in that queue just once, simply add the song to queue using (Play x Times) from song’s dropdown menu and Muziko will remove it automatically after playing it once or the number of times you specify.
  2. Another way you can use this feature can be, suppose you want to go to sleep and want to listen to a song but not over night. Simply add the desired song(s) to queue using (Play x Times) and sleep tight. Muziko will stop after playing the song for number of times. You can add multiple songs to play for multiple times without limitation. Don’t forget to set repeat to on, else feature will not work as it suppose to be.

Play x Times is very useful feature if you get to how and when to use it. Once you get to know the feature, you will definitely fall in love with this feature, as it gives you better control on your listening.

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