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Preview Track

This is one of the new and best features of Muziko Music Player. What is the use of this feature and how you will use this feature? When the user plays its favorite song and then user search for another song so the queue of songs appears. In queue user want to check any song, if user will tap on any song from the queue so that song will play and favorite music will stop or you can say last music will stop and when user will try to go back so user favorite music will not play any other music will play (depends Shuffle is on or off).

In this Feature the song will play only for 10 seconds and the starting 10 seconds of the song will skip we have skipped 10 seconds of the song. because some song in starting play the tune so it will be difficult for the user to guess the song. Preview Track is a new and amazing feature of the application. because this not hold your song it helps you to listen to another song for few seconds. we have enabled Preview Track feature only for 10 seconds because It’s easy to know about that song. Only our application which supports this feature so take advantage of it definitely Music lovers will use this feature.

Because many of the time you dislike to break your rhythm of songs, in fact, no one likes to break the rhythm of the song. if you play another song so that will play if you will go back even though it will play from starting. but not from that place where you have tap another song. so here Preview Track feature is best for you because it will continue from that point.

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