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Set Start time

This feature is very useful for users.  let me tell you how it will help you there are lots of songs when we play them so in the beginning tune get start and the actual music start after 30,45, seconds and sometimes after a minute. so to come out of from this situation you can use Set start Timer Feature. You can select any song then you will tape on the drop down menu then you tape on Set Start Time. Now you will select yourself the desired position of the song. Whenever the song will play so it will play from the position which you have set with Set start time Feature.

You can use this feature in the unlimited song. We have also uploaded the video on Youtube, so you can simply search on youtube by set start time on Muziko definitely you will get the video and one thing you can also do visit the Homepage and go to the bottom of the page there You will see How To Use Features of Muziko Music Player (Tutorial).  tap on set start time tutorial it will be easy for you to understand.

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