Sleep Timer
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Sleep Timer gives you ability to exit the Muziko when you fell sleep. Your music will stop automatically after giver time.

Muziko gives you option (Play last Song To End) which means the player will not exit until the last song will not play till the END. If You have not selected the option, the Song will not be played to the End and Muziko will exit as soon as it reaches the given time.

You can select timings from given presets or you can set it yourself.

You Can Use Sleep Timer  In Many Ways:-

-Before Sleeping

-While Doing Any Work.

-You know better.

Follow simple steps to set Sleep Timer:

  1. Tap on Menu at top left corner to open Drawer
  2. Now Tap on Sleep Timer
  3. Input the time from Presets or set manual timing by taping on Timer Box (Top Right Side)
  4. Tap on Start button at bottom.

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