Sleep Timer
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Sleep Timer

Sleep timer is a essential feature of Muziko. This feature is not only useful for your sleep but for your mobile phone sleep as well.

You may love to listen to music while trying to sleep or you may can only sleep while listening to music, but what will happen to your mobile? Will it keep on playing songs until you wake up and stop it? That also can disturb your sleep as well because you may have to wake up in middle of your sleep to just stop the music!!!

Don’t worry, Muziko Sleep Timer will help you in this situation, just set the time you think you will fall asleep like (10-30min) or whatever time you think. Choose from presets or simply enter the manual timing and Start the timer.

With Muziko Sleep timer, you get extra option (Play Last Song To End). Lets understand what it is, suppose that you set the timer for 5 min for two songs and timer gets end before the song end, in normal case, player will exit even while playing the song, but with (Play Last Song To End) on, Muziko wait till the song gets over and will exit only after the song end.

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